Garden Journaling

"Holy, holy, holy is the LORD of hosts; the whole earth is full of your glory!" Isaiah 6:2


Plants and seeds come from more places then just seed catalogs and nursery stores. They can also be little contributions that come from friends. Gardening can be a wonderful means to nurture friendships and a generous spirit through working alongside one another in the garden and sharing the crops/seeds/plants with others.

I returned last week from farm sitting for a dear family and thoroughly valued a week on the farmette tending to their beautiful garden, diary goats, and chickens. This was my third year farm sitting, so I valued getting to catch up with the next door neighbor and making a great new friend who helped me each morning with the milking process. The rich conversations made the week so meaningful.

Tending for a friend’s garden is a great way to be inspired and to see strategies others are putting in to practice in the garden.


The squash jungle!

It rained nearly every day during my stay. All the plants were loving it!

A yellow heirloom tomato ready to be picked.

An heirloom  Yellow Pear Cherry tomato ready to be picked.



It was great seeing the different types of vegetable varieties in this garden…including foot long green beans!



When I mentioned in conversation to my goat milking buddy that I had never tasted rhubarb, she readily brought me several stalks of rhubarb from her garden the following morning. I sliced and froze my rhubarb stalks, and now have them on reserve for later this month. I can’t wait to try it out! How do you like to eat rhubarb? The cheery sunflower had self-sown from the previous year in the garden I tended.

Green tomato variety

Green tomato variety

I was also a  recipient of the next door’s neighbor’s additional tomato plant! It is a green tomato variety, but I am unsure of the precise variety. I will have to post pictures and see if any of ya’ll recognize the tomato so I can better identify it.

Elephant Garlic from the Lansing Garden

Drying Elephant Garlic from the Lansing Garden

7/9/13: Once returning from farm-sitting, Dad and I harvested our elephant garlic that were planted last…fall? We knew it was time to harvest because the stalks were dying and were thoroughly brown. The garlic harvest looks great, and I look forward to incorporating it in future entrees.


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