Garden Journaling

"Holy, holy, holy is the LORD of hosts; the whole earth is full of your glory!" Isaiah 6:2


Within just a few days after gardening, I can never remember what type of bean variety I planted, or what the habitat is of that nasty little cucumber beetle. I thus resolved to create a gardening journal blog in order to gather my gardening information in one location and provide easy access to all the history/info I collect from my garden. While this blog is primarily for my own record keeping purposes, I wanted to share it with you for inspiration or simply to bounce ideas, thoughts, or questions off of readers.

Another significant reason why I am desire to maintain a garden journal blog is because I believe every God-given hobby/interest can be used to show the glory of God as Christ works through His adopted children. The biggest reason why I love gardening is because it shows the Lord Jesus’ marvelous handiwork and also reflects his providence for us. I wanted to have a place to write some of the lessons Jesus Christ shows me as I delight in my Savior.

I intend for this blog to include notes from the family garden, the garden I am currently work on at my brother’s home in the city, curious things I come across in nature, and other gardens I may find myself enjoying!


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